Primal Roots Wellness is an authorized reseller of an educational product and supplement line created and owned by Dr. Dan Pompa and HealthCenters.com. Primal Roots Wellness provides a health coaching and wellness program that includes lifetime access to Dr. Pompa’s extensive resource library, a client education portal with detailed tried-and-true protocols for true cellular detoxification, ancient healing strategies through the power of diet variation, clean eating, and all things wellness (where content is continually added and updated at HealthCenter’s discretion; there are currently over 35 hours of educational videos and 100 downloadable documents).

The program also includes 5 months of 1:1 health coaching with Diane to help guide you through the process of true cellular detoxification and getting your health back on track! For some, this may mean small changes but for others, it can become a total health overhaul! We emphasize education about getting to the root of your health issues rather than wasting money and time and effort on symptoms that are just a downstream effect of a larger (often hidden) issue. (Example: spending tons of money trying to fix your gut and get rid of Candida while ignoring the fact that you also have heavy metals which are a huge contributing factor to gut issues!) We do screenings and recommend the RIGHT/accurate testing for commonly missed issues like lyme disease, mold illness, heavy metal toxicity, and common hidden infections such as in dental cavitations. We want to be your last stop by helping you discover and eliminate your root causes which have probably been missed or brushed off by medical doctors who often struggle to put the whole picture together and tend to stick with what they are comfortable prescribing, in order to treat symptoms rather than cleaning up the cause.

The program ALSO includes 5 months' supply of the core supplements necessary to support your health recovery from several angles, AND IN THE RIGHT ORDER to ensure each supplement can actually do its job. The supplements support several important functions including support and regeneration of the cell membrane, reestablishing methylation, restoring cellular energy with mitochondrial support, reducing inflammation with cutting edge, potent and highly bioavailable ingredients, and detoxifying the RIGHT way to truly uproot and fully eliminate many of the underlying causes, risk factors, and epigenetic triggers for susceptible genes and health issues. This program is truly unlike any other. The detox itself is meticulously designed with strong binders and chelators, given within their respective half-lives, and to work at every step along the elimination pathway in your body to ensure there is no toxin resettling/redistribution, gut reabsorption, or reintoxication by any other means. This detox protocol is strong enough to pull heavy metals like mercury from deep inside the brain, and is designed to escort them all the way out of the body rather than just stirring things around like most iv and other quick and/or weak detoxes do. This is a lasting solution with serious implications to your health and quality of life! Whether you have been sick and suffering for far too long, or are just looking to maintain optimal health and avoid triggering disease, let us super-charge your knowledge, abilities, and success!




Primal Roots Wellness is proud to provide services which are purposefully alternative to and deviating from medical norms and established practices for the treatment of and specific health condition. Diane is a licensed nurse practitioner providing advice and recommendations which are outside established medical protocols in that the alternative service is designed to improve overall wellness holistically and not to directly impact any specific health condition or diagnosis. Potential benefits associated with the alternative healthcare service include a broader overall improvement in multiple organ systems simultaneously, integration of multi specialty treatment synergistically via natural methods with minimal risk of adverse effects, and the potential prevention or altering of root causes/risk factors of illness rather than simply addressing downstream symptoms. Potential risks of such alternative services include but are not limited to: failure to recognize or diagnose a specific condition, and delaying or missing out on more direct treatment with an established medical protocol to treat specific symptoms. Provider considers the potential benefits a reasonably justified rationale for deviation from general medical norms. HOWEVER, provider recommends supplemental collaboration with additional independent medical professionals for ongoing targeted treatment of any specialty healthcare needs and places the responsibility for such collaboration and treatment-seeking on the client. By accepting services from Diane, you are agreeing to receive the alternative health care service with is outside medical norms and established practices.