If you've tried EVERYTHING for your stubborn and unexplainable health issues with limited or temporary relief, THERE IS A REASON YOU AREN'T GETTING WELL!

We just have to find the root cause.

Too often, people struggling with vague and strange health issues suffer for years before they are finally diagnosed with something acceptably "bad enough" to get their doctor's attention. Then, they are slapped with a label ranging from various inflammatory/autoimmune conditions to obscure things like fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue because their doctor doesn't know what to do with them, or they are told it is simply "in their genes" and there isn't much to be done about it.

This is simply not true!

With the emerging science of epigenetics, we are learning that our environment and our experiences can actually trigger our genes to turn on and off! Our modern world is filled with more chemicals and neurotoxins than ever before, and it's no coincidence that unexplainable illnesses, autoimmunity, cancer, hormone issues, diabetes, and mental health issues are all on the rise! Inflammation and the resulting cellular dysfunction is the driving force behind it all. But there are so many different exposures that can affect us (including medications and other "standard medical protocols") that unfortunately may never be updated in the medical community to reflect the current science because of funding and liability issues involved with such a change of course. But those of us who have been sick and suffering are doing whatever it takes to find answers. 

Did you know the symptoms of neurotoxic illness and inflammation are the same symptoms that finally lead people to a diagnosis of autoimmune conditions and cancer? Don't let your doctor ignore you until it gets that far! You can do something about it today! But you MUST find the root cause to eliminate what's truly holding you back from getting well.

If you have tried medications, supplements, and other interventions to try to claim your health back and not seen permanent results, you are likely missing a root cause. To make matters worse, until you find the root cause you cannot stop the source of inflammation and your cells literally cannot accept the expensive supplements and treatments you try, no matter how good they are, because the inflammation blocks the exchange of good things getting in the cell and bad things getting out (detox). The cells are simply too sick to keep functioning (much like the person who is experiencing the chronic illness). You may be realizing by now that if your cells are enflamed and broken, even your detox support supplements will not be able to work to correct the problem. You must find and eliminate your toxic triggers before you can truly detox or start your journey back to health. Additionally, most detoxes are done incorrectly with weak chelators and often no binders to escort the toxins completely out of the body. Toxic waste is dumped into the gut during a detox and will be reabsorbed lower down in the gut and redistributed throughout your body if you do not have proper binders. Another common mistake is that binders and chelators are not taken often enough to ensure they don't let go of toxins in between doses which also causes redistribution. IV detoxes can be harmful because it takes days of chelation and binders to catch all of the toxins that are stirred up during the IV. Unfortunately, cutting corners with IV detox is not only ineffective, but dangerous. Another common mistake is using weak binders/chelators such as juicing with Spirulina or Chlorella. These are certainly not strong enough to pull things like heavy metals from the brain (where mercury usually settles), and they may be able to eliminate a small amount of certain toxins but without a stronger hold, you risk just stirring things around and can even worsen your inflammation.

So what does it take to finally feel better? A science based, carefully crafted, multi therapeutic approach that eliminates sources of toxic stress while also supporting targeted recovery and true detoxification at the cellular level. This is a big project that takes time and the right timing. Healing occurs in stages, and you cannot jump right into a detox and overwhelm your system if you have not first supported all of the functions of the cell. These include: regenerating the cell membrane which is critical for communicating with/recognizing hormones and other important messengers and letting the good things in and the bad things out.  Cellular energy must also be restored through methylation and mitochondrial support. In addition to discovering and removing all of the root causes of inflammation and illness, it takes powerful anti-inflammatory supplementation to support healing while carefully introducing true cellular detoxification. Thankfully, this program offers it all in one package. Based on 20+ years of research and working directly with the most sick and challenged clients, this program offers a HUGE library of learning, education, lifestyle modification, and proper protocols to follow, as well as cutting edge supplements specifically designed for each of purposes needed to finally get your whole health back once and for all. 

You can turn your genes and your life around for good! 

Are you willing to go all in?

Program Benefits


Learn how to find and reduce/eliminate your personal sources of neurotoxicity and chemical, emotional, and physical stressors. Your coach may provide test requisitions for the screening of heavy metals, mold, Lyme, and other potential issues of concern, depending on local health laws


Learn and apply ancient healing strategies through diet variation, optimizing the benefits of ketogenesis, intermittent fasting, and limiting inflammatory foods & additives. We practice Dr. Pompa's Cellular Healing Diet and variation principles which are flexible based on your individual circumstances and results.


The program includes 5 months of high quality core cellular support and detox protocol supplements from Cellular Solutions. Ingredients are sourced from regenerative farms, with grass-fed glandulars and have several patented components for optimal bioavailability and other benefits. Supplement facts are available at www.cellularsolutions.com


Get lifetime access to the online learning portal, based on Dr. Pompa's 20+ years of research in natural medicine, frequently updated with the latest research. Learn how to take care of your health now and for the future


Enjoy one-on-one live health coaching calls to keep you on track, identify ongoing potential areas of concern, and answer any questions you may have for the duration of the 5-month program


Regain immeasurable health and quality of life benefits, productivity, and your ability to be there for your loved ones

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